Show Information & Regulations


Due to insurance liabilities, no person under the age of 16 will be admitted to the exhibit floor during set-up or tear-down hours.

AALL does not restrict children’s access to the exhibit floor based on age during Show hours. Parents must accompany children (under 16 years of age) and are responsible for their behavior. All persons on the exhibit floor must have proper registration credentials.


All aisle space belongs to the Exposition. No exhibit or advertisement will be allowed to extend beyond the space assigned to the exhibitor. Any demonstration or activity, which results in the obstruction of aisles or prevents ready access to neighboring exhibitors’ booths shall be suspended for any period specified by Show Management.


During move-in, each booth will have its booth number on the floor directly in front of the booth on the aisle. Over the aisle, visible from anywhere on the floor, will be large hanging signs indicating aisle numbers.


Helium balloons are not allowed in the Convention Center. Their use is strictly prohibited.


The following booth equipment, services and facilities are included free of charge:

  • Draperies suspended on aluminum uprights and stanchions. The drapery background is 8 feet high. The side rails are 33 inches high.
  • Standard booth sign, black letters on white card, upon which is printed the company name and booth number.
  • General lighting and decorations.
  • Crate removal, storage and return.


Sharing of exhibit space is not permitted. Only the contracted organization, wholly owned subsidiaries, and fully owned products and services may be displayed in contracted exhibit space. 


The UPS Store is located in the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.


In the event an exhibitor desires to cancel his reservation of exhibit space, a written request for cancellation must be transmitted to Show Management postmarked no later than April 30, 2021. If the request is approved and accepted by the Sponsor, the amount paid shall be refunded less a $500 administrative fee.

In the event the Exposition and/or Annual Meeting & Conference is canceled or postponed, or Sponsor and/or Show Management is unable to perform for any reason whatsoever, including performance under this agreement, the sole and exclusive remedy of Exhibitor against Sponsor and Management with respect to any damages sustained by Exhibitor as a result of the non-occurrence or postponement of the Exposition and/or Annual Meeting, including incremental and consequential damages, shall be a refund by Sponsor of monies paid on account of the exhibit space, less Exhibitors pro-rata share of expenses relating to the exposition, as determined by the Sponsor.


The contract for exhibit space is not subject to cancellation without penalties (see Cancellations). Any exhibitor failing to occupy the space under contract is not relieved of the obligation to pay the full cost of space. Such space may be used by Show Management in any way it sees fit.


Empty crates, boxes, skids, etc. that exhibitors have labeled “Empty” will automatically be removed from exhibitors’ booths, stored and returned at the conclusion of the Exhibition. “Empty” stickers will be available at the Service Desk. There is no charge for this service. NO STORAGE OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED BEHIND YOUR DISPLAY.


Exhibitors are responsible for damage to uncrated or improperly packed shipments, concealed damage, loss or theft of material after delivery to booth or before material is picked up for return movement. It is expressly understood that the exhibitor will make no claim of any kind against Show Management for any loss, damage or destruction of goods, nor for any damage of any nature to his business by reason of the failure to provide space for any exhibit or the removal of the exhibit.


No exhibitor will be allowed to dismantle any portion of their exhibit prior to the end of exhibit hours on the final day of exhibits. This is a discourtesy to those attending the Show and to your neighboring exhibitors.


Exhibitor Registration will be available in March.

Your badge permits access to the exhibit floor only. As part of the exhibit space rental fee, each exhibiting member organization received two conference registrations per 10 x 10' booth space. These registrations allow access to program sessions.

Exhibitors should designate which exhibitor personnel are to receive the conference registrations on the online Exhibitor Registration form. Companies wishing to purchase additional conference registrations may do so using the AALL registration link.


The GES Service Center will be open for business beginning Friday, July 16, at 8:00 a.m. All contractors and production personnel can be found here. In addition, all on-site production services such as decorating, furniture, floor covering, shipping, material handling, display labor, signs, computer rental, electrical, booth cleaning, telephone, internet, booth security, floral and audio-visual requirements can be arranged here.


AALL strongly encourages you to insure your property from the time it leaves your facilities until it is returned after the Exposition. In most cases, a rider can be added to your present policy for a nominal cost that will protect your property while it is out of your control. AALL, Hall-Erickson, Inc. their agents, the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, and/or their respective agents will not be responsible in any way for the safety of any exhibit or material against theft, fire, water, accident, or any cause, nor for the loss or damage to goods consigned to its care.


Refer to the GES Show Site Work Rules for specifics on labor jurisdictions. (Available in early March.)


Please notify AALL of your meeting by sending information to the Conference Manager. In this way AALL will have a complete list of functions on file to aid participants searching for your functions.


A Merchandise Release Pass must accompany all merchandise carried from the exhibit area. Passes may be obtained by showing your exhibitor credentials at the Security Office.


Exhibitors should review and Rules and Regulations as stated on page 2 of the Exhibit Space Contract.

Exhibits which include the operation of musical instruments, radios, sound projection equipment, public address systems or any noisemaking machines must be conducted or arranged so that the noise resulting from the demonstration will not annoy or disturb adjacent exhibitors and their patrons, nor cause the aisles to be blocked. Operators of noisemaking exhibits must secure approval of operating methods before the exhibit opens.

Any sound that exceeds 80 decibels measured at the edge of an exhibitor’s booth is considered objectionable and will not be allowed. Sound should not be directed at the aisles or adjoining booths and should be directed into an exhibitor’s booth. Show Management reserves the right to reposition speakers. Show Management will monitor sound levels at individual booths during show hours. If the Exhibitor does not comply with requests to adjust sound levels, Show Management reserves the right to disconnect power to the sound source.

All demonstrations or other activities must be confined to the limits of the Exhibitor’s rented space. Distribution of circulars may be made only within the space assigned to the exhibitor presenting such materials. No advertising
circulars, catalogs, folders, or devices shall be distributed by exhibitors in the aisles, meeting rooms, registration areas, lounges, grounds or other facilities. No firm or organization not assigned space in the exhibit will be permitted
to solicit business within the exhibit area, nor in any public spaces controlled by the Association during the course of this conference. Exhibitors must cease the distribution of samples of any kind whenever such action blocks the
aisles or in any way handicaps nearby exhibitors.

The distribution of promotional materials in the form of balloons, canes, games or other advertising material which tends to distract from the professional and educational purposes of the Exposition is prohibited. In addition, no
promotional adhesive backed decals are permitted to be given out or used inside the hall. Distribution of unwrapped food or alcoholic beverages by exhibitors is strictly prohibited. Wrapped candy or other small items are exempt
from this restriction. Items (popcorn, peanuts, etc.) which detract from the exhibit’s professional appearance will not be allowed. Booth representatives including models, demonstrators, or actors in costume, must be properly and modestly clothed. No excessively revealing attire will be permitted. Models, demonstrators, and actors in costume must remain in their own exhibit throughout the show. They are not permitted in other exhibitor’s booths, in the
aisles, or in public areas. Drawings, lotteries, or other contests where prizes or gratuities are rewarded on the basis of chance must be approved in advance by Show Management. Live animals are not permitted.


Parking is available for the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland for a daily fee. Click here for directions and information on available parking. 


Each exhibiting company is entitled to two copies of the Annual Meeting & Conference Program. These can be picked up at the Exhibitor Registration Desk.


Entry to and exit from the exhibit area will be possible only through the main Show entrance and all persons entering and leaving must wear a badge issued by Show Management. During installation and dismantling periods, no one will be permitted in the exhibit area before 8:00 a.m.

Lost or stolen property must be reported to the Security Office as soon as possible. Please remember that any claim must be properly documented in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance company. Remember-an Outbound Bill-of-Lading (Material Handling Order Form) or a Merchandise Release Pass must accompany all material leaving the exhibit area, even if it is the property of the exhibitor removing it.


All freight must be shipped pre-paid. Advance Freight shipments CANNOT be consigned directly to the Convention Center. They will be refused. Direct shipments to the Exhibit Hall will not be accepted before Friday, July 16 at 8:00 a.m. Shipping addresses and timelines will be included in the GES Material Handling information, available in March.


Booth drape: tbd

Aisle Carpet: tbd

Note: Exhibitors are responsible for ordering booth carpeting or other floor covering.


Exhibit Hall Only passes will now be available for attendees and guests during the pre-registration process or on-site at the registration desk. This $49 pass will cover all three days the exhibit hall is open (Sunday-Tuesday) and includes access to daily refreshment breaks and the Monday Attendee Lunch. This registration does not included access to the Saturday Exhibits Opening Reception, conference programs, meetings, or events held outside of the exhibit hall. Complimentary passes will no longer be offered.  Subject to change.